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Bari Din

Jewelry designer Bari Din:

Jewelry designer Bari Din has had many journeys.  As a   student of biblical archaeology and a desert meditation guide, Bari Din honed her deep connection to the essence of stones that are the foundation of her jewelry designs.

Her treks and journeys started many years ago as a young 60's seeker.  Her wanderlust transported her to over 22 counties--from the streets of the Lower East Side to the terracotta caves of Crete, from the hot white beaches of Europe to the sands of Sinai. Her travels eventually brought her back to NY, to which she returned to raise 4 children with her husband-a noted teacher of Kabbala.  But eventually her journey prodded her to her soul's ultimate journey--to the City of Light, Jerusalem.

cup of jewels"I live in the city of beauty.",remarks Bari.  "It says in the Talmud that 10 measures of beauty were given to the world and 9 were given to Jerusalem."  This radiance is evident in Bari's studio/home/ gallery.
In this studio, Bari began weaving the other worldliness of Jerusalem with the peacefulness of the desert in her designs of gems, stones, and pearls.  Within a short span of time she sold over 2,000 pieces.  Her pieces are now worn throughout the world. 

Bari believes,"It seems that the music of the heavens come down into these pieces as I create them."  And if you look and listen to the jewels in silence you might hear the delicate chains whisper, gems sing, and the bolder pieces call.

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